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FocalPoint Positioning picks up award

Posted on Feb 25, 2020 by Matthew Gooding

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A Cambridge navigation pioneer has scooped a top award in the US.

Dr Ramsay Faragher, CEO of FocalPoint Positioning, was awarded the Per Enge Early Achievement Award for outstanding innovations in mobile positioning and navigation by the Institute of Navigation (ION), at its annual awards in San Diego. The award recognises Dr Faragher’s work on the patented ‘supercorrelation’ technology deployed by FocalPoint – which was hailed at the event as “pioneering and revolutionary” in the field of positioning.

Supercorrelation transforms GPS capability and availability, especially in urban areas and indoors. Applications include indoor way-finding, accurate fitness wearables, autonomous vehicles and last-metre services.

Dr Faragher developed the technology in Cambridge, then founded FocalPoint Positioning in order to commercialise it. The company has since successfully built two products based on the system.


“I’m delighted and honoured to be recognised by the ION, and that our revolutionary supercorrelation technology has the backing of this global body,” said Dr Faragher.

“We’re looking forward to bringing the benefits of super accurate positioning solutions to the smartphones, wearables and vehicles of the future. I want to thank all of the staff at FocalPoint Positioning for their incredibly hard work and for continuing to push the boundaries of what this new technology can achieve.”

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